We are delighted that you are inquiring about Baptism (which some people call ‘Christening’). Whether your enquiry is for you or your child/ren we offer you a warm welcome, and we hope you will feel at home here at St Helen’s Church.

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God in the Christian faith which we hope will last through the whole of life. We want to support and encourage you, and your children, as we grow together in faith.

We understand Baptism to be an important part of being a Christian and of our relationship with God. God loves every human being, and that includes you and your child/ren, but to be baptised means that, from now on, you want this relationship with God to be a two-way relationship. As the Baptism service reminds us, people who are baptised want to respond to God’s love by trying to live the best kind of lives for themselves, for other people and for our world, and following Jesus is at the heart of all that.


Baptism of Adults or Teenagers

If you are an adult or teenager wanting to be baptised, we would invite you to a series of meetings so that you could find out more about how you can nurture your relationship with God and what it means to live life as a Christian.  Your Baptism would usually take place in a Sunday morning service, and we would want to encourage your family and friends to come and support you on this special day. You would not have to choose Godparents because you will speak for yourself in the Baptism service, but we will encourage you to choose one or two family members or friends to be Sponsors or Prayer Partners: people who are themselves already on the Christian journey and who would encourage and support you in your Christian journey. Those who are baptised as teenagers or adults are encouraged to be confirmed soon after their Baptism. There is no upper age limit for Baptism!


Baptism of Babies and Children

If you are parents wanting to have your child or children baptised, we invite you to join us for two one-hour meetings. At the first we shall explain a bit more about Baptism and at the second session where we go through the Baptism service. If it is possible ,Godparents are asked to attend the second session so they are also aware of their duties and what to expect in the service.

You will meet other parents who are also thinking about Baptism for their children, and other people from church; we can get to know you a little better and we will be able to answer any questions you may have. We meet in the church so that you can see where your child/ren will be baptised and you will also meet the clergy who will take the service. At the end of the second meeting, we will agree a date for the Baptism of your child(ren).


Finding about Godparents

Find out more about choosing Godparents, and their importance by going to the Godparent page