Congratulations! You have decided to get married, and we want to offer you our good wishes for your future together. Whether you have always dreamt of being married in this church, or whether it is one of a number of possibilities you are considering for your special day, we would like to encourage you to contact us to make an initial visit. We will show you around the church, and talk about the feasibility of having your wedding here.


Why have a church wedding?

Churches are special places, and there are some things about a church wedding that you can not get anywhere else!

A church wedding adds a spiritual dimension to your marriage. Choosing to have your wedding in church means that you want God to be part of your wedding day and your marriage in some way or other. In fact, knowing that your marriage will be blessed by God in the service, is the main attraction of a church wedding for many couples, whether they go to church or not. You will make important vows in church, in the presence of God and your family and friends: this sets your marriage on a strong footing from the beginning, and will help you to grow and flourish in your life together. And in a church wedding, you will have the ongoing advice and support of the vicar who will help you to plan the service. You will meet with the vicar several times beforehand, so by the time the "big day" comes, you can feel confident that your wedding service will be special, personal and memorable.

A wedding couple at the chancel steps





Who can get married in St. Helen's Church?

If you live within the parish boundary, and neither of you have been married before, it is usually simple and straightforward to arrange for your wedding to take place in St. Helen's Church.

If you do not live within the parish boundary, or if either of you has been married before, it may still be possible for you to get married at St. Helen's Church, so please do contact the vicar to talk about this.

Some more guidance is available at the Church of England website