Bell Ringers

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Change Ringing

The bell chamber


Each bell is attached to a large wooden wheel and is swung by a ringer pulling on a long rope.

When you hear the bells, the ringers are usually change ringing; the 8 bells are rung in a different combination each time without repeating. There are 40,320 changes to choose from! We ring different tunes called “methods”. Some are easy, others are very complicated. The aim is that whatever we ring it is a celebration which sounds pleasant and demonstrates that the art of change ringing is alive and well.


History of the Bells

1692 First record of bells in the churchwardens’ accounts.

1712 No.5 bell cast.

1852 No.6 bell cast. It had the inscription,

         “Richard Sanders of Bromsgrove made us six

1877 Two more bells were cast by John Taylor & Co. and added to make a ring of 8.

1911 All 8 bells recast and rehung by John Taylor & Co.Bell wheels


When do the Bells Ring?

Sunday worship 9.00am to 9.30am

Monday Practice 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Weddings, funerals and other church & national events.

Striking competitions between local towers.

A visit by other ringers.

A quarter peal (lasting 45 minutes) rung as a celebration or as a skills test.

A peal (over 3 hours continuous ringing) to mark a national event.


Can I do it?The ringing chamber

Anyone can learn to ring, as long as you are at least high school age and fit enough to climb the steps to the ringing chamber. We also ring hand bells which the 11+ group have been enjoying!



  • A lifelong hobby which can be practised all over the country

  • Duty & commitment within the life of the church

  • Mental challenge

  • Teamwork

  • Keeping fit

  • Making new friends

  • Continuing an iconic skill & tradition

  • Payment for weddings & funerals


It takes several months of practice to become a ringer. During this time the bell can ring silently by having its clapper tied. 

ContactHand bells

Nick Harris, Tower Captain.

0772 9636494

01606 45106