Messy Church

A messy church activityA messy church activityA messy church activity

Messy Church at St Helen's


Messy Church at St Helen Church is an informal chance for children and adults to explore and exprience faith and worship through crafts, food and celebration.

We hope that Messy Church will help people to feel they belong to our church community and to feel comfortable in church and not see it as a daunting place. We also want people to have fun and be creative together, whilst at the same time introducing them to Jesus through friendship ,stories and worship.

Messy Church is not just for children, Messy Church is for everyone!

Messy Church is run thoughout the year at different times of the Christian calendar, for example Advent, Easter, and Harvest.


What happens at Messy Church?

Usually a Messy Church event will run from 3.30pm till 5pm during the week.

Children accompainied by an adult are invited to come along to a Messy Church event.

They are greeted with a drink and a snack at the begining.

Around the church are a number of different activities for the children and adults too to get "messy ".

Once they have completed all their activities, everyone gathers in the body of the church to sing songs together.

Children are invited to show their favourite piece to everyone and finally to receive a blessing from Revd Alison.

A the end of Messy Church everyone is allowed to take all their pieces of work home.