Sunday Club


Sunday Club is for children aged between three and eleven years. It meets most Sundays in term time during the 9:30 Holy Communion. Members start in church with their families. During the first hymn the children move to the Upper Vestry returning to their parents in time to go to the altar for a blessing. During their “Club” session, they follow a Bible based programme of stories and craft activities. Not only do they learn about the lives of people in the Old and New Testaments but are encouraged to think about the message for us today, so they are enabled to lead lives following the example of Jesus.


Sunday Club is run by a team of six people (all C.R.B. vetted), who provide a safe, welcoming and caring environment. In this atmosphere children are able to develop an understanding of God's love for them and learn to spread God's love in the world by showing respect for themselves, others and the world around them.


By combining time in church with structured teaching pitched at their level of understanding we hope the children will develop their faith and ability to worship God with people of all ages. To this end about once a month we have an “Altogether Eucharist” - a service for all ages together - in which the language of the service is more child friendly so children can pray and praise God together with the adult church community.


Family life is important to Christians so we like to include parents in Sunday Club's social activities throughout the year. Recently we have organised a theatre visit, Sunday lunches at local hostelries, picnics and craft workshops as well as evening meals for Mums. We hope these events show Sunday Club members that being a Christian is more than just meeting on a Sunday and that it is fun to do things with other Christians. Eventually, we hope our members will have a faith strong enough to stand up for Christian principles in the wider secular world.


To find out more contact A. Mallin-Jones 0160676325 or come to church and sample a session.