Community Coffee Pot

St Helen’s monthly community coffee pot is now firmly embedded into the local community calendar.

Every first Saturday of the month the doors are open between 10:00 am and 12 noon, coffee, tea and wonderful cakes are available for those who are able to join us.

Each month we try to have a charity partner. This gives the charity an opportunity to meet and engage with the community and also to raise a small amount for their own funds.

A charity setting up for Coffee Pot

The arrangement is that the takings from the coffee and cakes is divided equally between the Church and the Charity partner. 

The Charity partner is encouraged to have a display about their work and also, should they wish, to have a stall selling appropriate items. Any income from the stall is 100% retained by the Charity.

In addition to being available for coffee and cakes the Church is also open for visitors to take a look inside the oldest and most beautiful building that Northwich has to offer.