Church Wardens

The office of Churchwarden is an ancient office in the Church of England.  There have been Churchwardens since the 13th century and theirs is the senior lay ministry in a parish and is defined by law. Every parish has two and ours are Sue Williams and Tom Bebbington. In addition we plan to have deputy Churchwardens to assist them in their multitude of tasks.


Churchwardens do many different things but their prime responsibility is anything to do with the practical running of the church. They look after its fabric, arrange for repairs, heating and lighting and – in co-operation with the clergy of the parish – take a full part in all parish matters and meetings. The only area where they have no legal role is in the liturgy (the actual wording and performance of the worship services), although they have to ensure that everything necessary for worship is provided and available. In case of disturbance on church premises Churchwardens are granted the power to arrest or eject the culprits.They are the Bishop’s officers but their primary role is to support and defend the Vicar or other clergy.  


Sue and George are part of a close-knit team of the clergy, lay readers and senior officers of the PCC which will ultimately include the deputy wardens, and act as sounding boards and occasionally trimmers of our vicar’s wings when she takes too large a flight of fancy! 


Our Church Warden's are Sue Williams and George Miller