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How it works

Schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable food with a long shelf life to the food bank. ‘Supermarket Collections’ are one of the main ways that food is donated. These are held at supermarkets where volunteers give shoppers a ‘food bank shopping list’ and ask them to buy an extra item or two for local people in crisis.

Volunteers transport the donations to a warehouse for sorting and checking. Anything out of date or damaged is discarded. It is then packed into boxes and taken to distribution centres where it can be given to people in need.

Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, CAB and police identify people in crisis and issue them with a food bank voucher.

Foodbank clients bring their voucher to their most convenient food bank distribution centre where it can be redeemed for three days emergency food. Volunteers meet clients over a cup of tea and are able to signpost people to agencies which might be able to help with longer-term problems.

Food Collections

There will be a food collections at several local supermarkets and at various dates throughout the next few months. If you have a computer then you can see the details of each collection as it comes up by visiting the food bank website , or for their newsletter send an email to

We will also include the dates for future supermarket collections in our weekly sheet. Volunteers are needed to assist with supermarket collections and the tasks involve handing out shopping lists of food to customers as they enter the supermarket and collecting donated food items as people leave the supermarket

Volunteers typically do one or other of these tasks for an hour or so, so if you feel able to help the food bank would be very grateful for your assistance. Equally if you are able to contribute to the food collections, either during a supermarket collection day, or by bringing items to church, that would also be a great help to the food bank.


Food Distribution Centres

There are four distribution centres already open, one each in Barnton, Northwich, Rudheath and Winsford. Discussions are being held about opening three more, two in Winsford and one in Middlewich.There are now 33 referring agencies, those who can authorise vouchers to be redeemed for a parcel of food at a Distribution Centre.



The food bank still needs help in form of volunteers, meeting clients in a distribution centre, working behind the scenes at the warehouse, or helping at supermarket collections. It also needs donations of both food and money.


Food shopping list

· Milk (UHT or powdered)

· Sugar (500g)

· Tea bags

· Instant coffee (jar)

· Breakfast Cereals

· Long life fruit juice (carton)

· Soup (tinned or packet)

· Instant mash potato

· Rice (500g)

· Pasta (500g)

· Meat (tinned)

· Fish (tinned)

· Pasta sauces

· Vegetables (tinned)

· Tomatoes (tinned)

· Fruit (tinned)

· Sponge pudding (tinned)

· Rice pudding (tinned)

· Jam

· Biscuits (packets)

· Snack bars


All food should have a best before  date of at least six months in advance.  Items such as long life mile and fruit juices may have  a shorter life and so are accepted with best before dates of at least 3 months in advance.