Under the Mango Tree

The formal name of the charity name is Under The Mango Tree (Friends of Kambe Timboni School)

Under theThe logo for Under the Mango Tree mango tree is a romantic but true story. However the reality of a community struggling to educate their children is far from romantic.

In 2000 a small group of young children started to gather in the shade of a mango tree with a nursery teacher. From these humble beginnings a fragile idea began to emerge. This idea was to build a school in this rural area about 30 miles north of Mombasa in Kenya, so that local children could have the chance to learn, to laugh and to play together and have chance to grow and through education to escape ongoing poverty.

Over time since these early beginnings the school has grown and now over 300 children are registered with the school. The community, with help from individuals and churches across the UK, have managed to have a number of very basic classrooms built. In 2016 one further classroom will be built, new desks purchased and more toilets added. All this is possible only because of wonderful supports who donate so generously. There is still much to do to help this school and community move towards self-sufficiency, but bit by bit with such on going support this will happen.

The school was initially established by a Methodist Minister and has strong Christian links. However this rural community includes many Muslim family groups and the school is open to all. There is only one registration criteria – a child in need of education.

The charity was started by Angela and Gordon Atkinson together with four other founding trustees. There were three key reasons for setting up this formal charity:

  • to help raise funds to support the school development
  • to facilitate the sharing of cultural information both ways
  • to provide a sustainable ‘vehicle’ through which groups or individuals (of all faiths or none) could become “Friends of” and work together to support this community.

For more information see the website http://underthemangotree.org.uk/