Worship on a Sunday

Sunday is an important day for us to gather together, because it is the day of Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead, and the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was poured out on Jesus’ first followers, giving them energy and courage to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Worship on Sunday usually takes place at 9.30am, and we also have an 8.00am service on the first Sunday in every month.


9.30am Communion

In our 9.30am Communion, our worship takes place in an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly, whilst, at the same time, seeking to  foster a sense of order and dignity. There is a choir and they, and the clergy, wear robes. The form of service follows the same basic pattern week by week, which helps new people to become familiar with the service more quickly, and allows those who are familiar with it to worship more deeply. At the same time, some things vary so that the service is not exactly the same each week.  Different people contribute to the worship in a variety of ways, helping to make it a valuable experience for everyone.

Children in worship: we welcome and value children in our worship. We have a children’s area within the church for pre-school children where there are activities to nurture their young faith. We ask that parents stay in the children’s area to make sure their children are safe. From the children’s area, parents can join in with the service and children can see and hear what is happening –– an important part of their early nurture.


  The children's area in churchThe children's area



Sunday Club.

Primary school age children are welcome to join our Sunday Club which takes place at the same time as the 9.30am service. Everyone - children and adults - gathers together for the beginning of the service; children then go to another space for their own worship activities, and  we all join together again near the end of the service. To find out more out Sunday Club click here


Family Service

on the third Sunday of the month, we have a non-Eucharist family service with a more informal way of worshipping God. Meeting for a drink and cake at 10:30, the service starts at 10:45 and aims to be complete by 11:30. If you are new to church, returning after a while, or thinking about services that work well for your family, we'd love to see you. 

The Creed pictures made by the children



  The Creed pictures made by children from Sunday Club

   and used in our Altogether Eucharist. 




Refreshments are served at the back of church after the 9.30am service every Sunday. This is always a lively time as people of all ages catch up with one another and exchange news and views.



Sunday Afternoon Café church

Café church is at 16:30 on the third Sunday of each month. It is an informal service when we worship in a “coffee shop” setting.


Sunday Evening services

Please check the calendar to see whether there is an evening service on a particular Sunday.

This service is more flexible and generally more meditative in mood. It  follows a variety of patterns including Evensong (following the Book of Common Prayer), Evening Prayer (following Common Worship), Celtic Evening Prayer, or Night Prayer (also known as Compline).



8.00am Holy Communion (on the first Sunday in the month, and on Christmas Day and Easter Day)

This is a quiet, more meditative service, and takes place on the first Sunday in the month. Here we use the Book of Common Prayer form in traditional language (using e.g. Thee, Thou). This service does not include any music and there is no sermon. It lasts for 30-40 minutes.